Dealing With Sudden Loss While In Lockdown

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I’m a member of a marketing group which provides me with services and resources to help me grow my business and continue my business education. Aside from the usual business aspects of this group, is the support that we’ve been offering each other during the Pandemic.

Whether it’s encouraging someone who’s feeling down, to keep going as we work from home, discussions about job searches or just general “how are you doing?”, during these extraordinary times, this network has been yet another strand of real life, that has offered me solace and kept me grounded in my solo isolation.

Today was different, one of our group reached out to let us know, that a close friend, had committed suicide and he was devastated by the news.

The sudden death of his friend was also compounded by the fact that he was not able to say goodbye properly at his friends’ funeral and trying to digest everything all of this while self-isolating.

Our group member apologized for reaching out to us with such sad news, but in doing so, he wanted to remind all of us that suicide is real and we should look out for the signs of mental health issues among our loved ones.

My heart went out to him and I responded immediately.

“I’m so sorry for your loss Chuck.

There is no need to apologize for sharing your feelings with all of us. I for one am glad that you were brave and honest enough to reach out in such a heartfelt way.

The suicide of a loved one leaves so many unfinished questions for those left behind, that will never be answered.

Trying to process those questions and feelings while in the limited constraints of self-isolation, is hard, but not being able to say goodbye, because of the pandemic compounds all these emotions.

I am not surprised that you have been hit so hard by this loss and in sharing it, have tried to reach out to others who may be struggling themselves or see someone else struggling. Suicide is indeed real, along with the devastation it leaves behind.

My sincere condolences to you. Stay strong and know we within this community have heard and support you.

Thinking of you at this difficult time,

Lara xo “

It is so easy for us to become lost in lockdown life. To focus on the monotony of working from home, isolating whether with family or alone and complaining as lockdown continues.

Learning to live in our ‘new normal’ is not without its challenges, but regardless of what we are experiencing let us not forget the burden carried by those who are dealing with mental health illness as well.

For every person who can handle isolation, there are others who really can’t. Whose usual coping mechanisms have been so disrupted and altered by the chaos of the pandemic, that their symptoms have been heightened to the point of desperation, that leads them to want to take their lives, seeing it as the only way to end their suffering.

I for one have been reminded that it’s not just about checking in, it’s about being constantly aware and wherever possible, letting that vulnerable person know that they are cared for and heard. Always supported and not alone.


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